Awesome! Hot carbonated soft drinks from Coca Cola Japan

Can you imagine a hot carbonated soft drink?


You might think it sounds like a joke.

But Coca Cola Japan has made it a reality – its called Canada Dry Hot Ginger Ale!

Based on ‘normal’ ginger ale, it has added ginger extract, fruit and spice flavors to create the best taste for drinking hot. Coca Cola has also developed a way for the drink to remain stable when the can is opened, for example after hot vending. The company is trying to create a new kind of carbonated soft drink market for the winter season, and expects this to boost its end of year sales.

This is the first time we’ve see this kind of new, innovative RTD product.

If you’d like to try it, it will be launched on October 21st from when it will be available in supermarkets, convenient stores and vending machines. It comes in a 180ml aluminum can, and is priced at 120 JPY. Can’t wait!