Japanese innovation, healthy non-saccharide wine.

Kikkoman, best known for its famous soy sauce, is also an established wine supplier in Japan, and it is about to launch a new concept wine. “Polyphenol Tappuri Wine, Tohrui Zero” (meaning wine with plentiful polyphenols and zero sugar) appeals to Japanese consumers’ understanding that wine can be good for your health.

img_10038_01.jpgThere is a current trend in Japan for health concept wines with enriched polyphenol content but by doubling the concentration of polyphenols and removing the sugar content Kikkoman is strongly emphasising the wine’s health credentials and has, we believe, achieved a world’s first.

Kikkoman says that through higher fermentation the wine contains less than 0.5mg/100ml saccharide. This enables it to promote the product under Japanese nutrition labelling standards as “Saccharide zero”. But high fermentation also makes the taste of the wine much drier so the company has added the natural sweetener stevia to create the right taste.

“Polyphenol Tappuri Wine, Tohrui Zero” will go on sale on 22nd August at 685 JPY (around US$8.00) for 720ml glass bottle. If you want to try it will be widely available at most supermarkets in Japan. Let us know what you think!