Lighter lighter lighter…

As we all know, “Sustainability” is currently one of the most important global trends. In the Japanese beverage industry, the predominant packaging format is PET bottles, and there is a focus among the major drinks companies to reduce bottle weight.

Last year Coca-Cola Japan had success with its ILOHAS water, with the 520ml lightweight bottle weighing only 12g but importantly, also being strong enough for stacking in vending machines.

Today, Asahi Soft Drinks, which occupies a mid-market position in the water category, announces a reduction in its larger 530ml bottle weight from 29g to 24g. Also it is available for vending machine.

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0319-1_b.jpg アサヒ飲料は,ミネラルウォーター「バナジウム天然水」の500mlペットボトルを軽量化します。