No more losing your cap!

Most of us have had experience of losing a bottle cap. But a new innovation in Japan means you don’t have to worry about this any more. JR East Water Business Co., Ltd.,(JREWB) a subsidiary of East Japan Railway Company, will renew their natural mineral water brand “From AQUA” this March. This will include an innovated screw cap for PET bottles and will be sold at JPY 110 for 500 ml and JPY 100 for 280 ml from the company’s vending machines and from their own kiosks at East JR stations.


The new cap has been developed by Nihon Crown Cork Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Toyo Seikan Ltd. It has a ”tab and hinge,” hinge-joined cap shell, and tamper evident band. When the cap is opened, the tab can be easily hooked over the thread of the screw, and it clicks when hooked. There is no need to have to hold the cap and there is no chance the cap will be lost. Targeting female drinkers, JREWB expects the new cap can offer consumers a more convenient drinking experience.