Beer Tap innovation from Japan

If you are looking for beer in smaller and easy one way “Keg” system, this is it.
Kirin brewery unveiled innovative Beer Tap system. It named “Tap Marche” is originally developed by Kirin brewery. It consisted 3 little small size PET bottle and exclusive Tap beer dispense server. The dispense server can install and serve 4 of different beer with chilled all the time. It is quite easy operation, just connect tap and bottle directly, then throw into dispenser. It is no need to clean any tubes. PET bottle can keep quality high thanks to treated by DLC (Diamond like carbon) high barrier coating technology developed by Kirin.
Kirin will start in this April and targets to provide 1,000 Shops and Cafes in Tokyo and surround Tokyo area. Shops and Cafes can choose 4 beer in 8 of beer from Kirin’s craft beer “Grand Kirin”, Spring Vally brewery, and related brewery; Yahho brewery, Brooklyn brewery.
In Japan, beer market is shrinking continuously. So Kirin is trying to achieve Craft beer market for recovering like becoming popular in US. Tap Marche will provide opportunity and fun to choose various of beer like wines, sakes and liquors.
PET Keg is one of hottest topic in global beer industry. Various systems have been developed, but no one try such a quite small Keg system. Kirin’s system is not same as Keg, but quite unique small “Keg” by high barrier PET bottle.