Eco by Coca-Cola

Many of companies are pushing “eco” image. Here is a case of eco by Coca-Cola Japan (CCJC).


This is the state-of-art Vending machine “E-40” by CCJC. This machine reduced 40% of energy consumption and provide quite modern image, by LED panel, non-Freon, power management etc. Also easy to purchase by mobile phone payment system.

CCJC said, about 980 thousand machines include about 2,500 of “E-40” by CCJC. A bottler said, it’s so expensive than typical vendor, but it can provide good “eco-friendry company” image.


CCJC also made really new innovation. In 2009, one of the most popular new products is “I LOAS” mineral water. This is the lightest weight bottle adaptable for vending machine, 12g / 500ml. It named “eco-ru shibo-ru” by easy to squeeze (shibo-ru) after drink it. It sold more than 2.4 bill bottles for last 7 months. CCJC said this means as reduce 2,553 tons of co2.

Why innovation? This is the first succeed product by “eco” concept. Same price, more content, same mineral water but eco than other products, other reason. Also squeeze design is fun or refresh action :-)