Pepsi 2010 is “BAOBAB”

l_10746-1.jpg Pepsi will launch “PEPSI BAOBAB” on 25th May, 500ml PET bottle, 140Yen. It has been the custom for Pepsi to launch a ‘strange’-flavoured Pepsi for several years now. In 2007 they launched “Cucumber”, and in 2009 “Azuki” and “Shiso” (red bean, and perilla) both quite Japanese flavours but unusual to see in CSDs.

This drink is a cola CSD but with BAOBAB flavour. The BAOBAB is a kind of superfruit with rich mineral and vitamins, and is not at all well known in Japan. But it is another example of Pepsi putting out a product that is likely to get people talking. Usually Pepsi’s seasonal products sell about 30 thousand cases (24 bottles a case).