Tokyo tap water crisis!

East Japan is still is rocking. And now, Japan faces a new nuclear panic. A couple of days ago the Japanese government disclosed that some vegetables and raw milk has been contaminated with radioactivity. Today, many water supply offices have revealed that tap water is also contaminated with radioactivity. The Tokyo water supply office advised it is safe for adults but babies and young children should not drink it. I think this will lead to further panic in Tokyo! Last week, consumers had to line up to buy gasoline. This week the lines are in supermarkets to buy bottled water.

At this time the beverage industry, including the mineral water industry, is facing a big challenge as the major container suppliers, especially cap suppliers, have been affected by the earthquake, even though most of the filling factories escaped significant problems. In addition eastern Japan is subject to daily power cuts every 3 or 6 hours which is affecting factory efficiency and output. As a result there is a real challenge to supply beverage products to consumers. Nobody knows when this nuclear crisis will finish or whether it will become even more serious.

So here is my appeal to the beverage industry across the world!! Would you please consider donating water to Japan? Please contact your nearest Japanese embassy, or your government to find out how you can most effectively do this.

Thank you